About Us(EDP) Every Day People Communications is an Australian based business.  To give you more information about us:  We have been working online for over 8 years and during this time have undertaken a wonderful journey of discovery on the many and varied aspects the internet has to offer online businesses. We love the internet land and online businesses.  We also enjoy checking out the latest trends and services for online marketing.  There are some high quality products and services available. And we enjoy bringing these products and services to you, our customers, so you can make an informed decision.  

To this end we have over the years we have worked on websites for a variety of sectors:

  • alternate energy
  • animal welfare
  • aged care
  • property
  • home and lifestyle
  • small business
  • online marketing
  • computers & IT
  • cyber security
  • employment
  • fine jewellery
  • personal development
  • wealth creation
  • leadership and mentoring
  • mental health
  • peer support
  • not for profit charities

(EDP) Every Day People Communications holds membership with a variety of forums and professional sites to ensure we remain current and become aware of emerging trends.  This being to enable businesses to take their online business endeavours to the next level.  We like to gather information from as many sources as possible.  We do this to weed out the downright ugly, costly and full of hot air products and trends.  And, to ensure we obtain the golden nuggets that will sustain online businesses for the long term.

Hence many theories and concepts touted as the next best thing since sliced bread never make it to our products or services. We test all concepts and theories first.  We want our customers to be secure in the knowledge we not only know our stuff, but we’re also not about to recommend any strategies that we have not proven to deliver the results expected.  We take the pain away for customers having to hours to undertake this testing for themselves and potentially losing major $$$ in the process.

Internet land has yet to fully mature to a land of potential possibilities.  Yes, Internet land definitely provides people and businesses with unlimited opportunities.  However, every opportunity does need to be carefully researched, tested, and implemented if the results are relatively positive. And, then tested again, all the while ensuring one maintains currency.  This is what we do best at (EDP) Every Day People Communications.  We research, test, implement and test again.  Therefore, when it comes to maintaining websites we have a very good idea on what works best without breaking the bank.

If you have a strategy you would like to put forward for consideration, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We love to hear from our customers.  We love researching and testing innovative concepts and software.