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Wishing all a very Happy ChristmasWow, a wee while ago are real little business opportunity came across my desk.  One that is a WIN/WIN for customers and ad brokers alike.  To say I was impressed is putting things mildly.

Hence, I’ve been checking out this opportunity and the more I research it the more I like to.  What is especially appealing to me, having worked in both government and not for profits for 22+ years, is I like that charities who do things tough these days not only don’t have to spend $1 on this programme and yet are able to reap 60% of the funds raised.

Having a passion for charities, and after leaving the charity sector after 8+ years holding Executive Officer position, I do know just how hard it is for charities to raise much needed dollars to support the continuation of their programmes and services.  In many respects the government expects the philanthropic sector to spend the dollars on charities.  The philanthropic sector expects the government to allocate the dollars.  And Joe Blow in the public literally have little if any funds to donate to charities because the finances are extremely tight indeed.

Hence to come across a Revenue Sharing programme which allows:

  • donors, subscribers, followers to participate in their favourite charity’s funding raising activities without having to donate hard earned dollars;
  • allows charities access to a totally different fundraising avenue without having to allocate donor dollars to raising the funds;
  • and which allows me to be the broker in the middle is very exciting indeed.

And the real beaut aspect – nobody has to part with any dollars and if dollars are parted it is only on my end, rather than the charity or its donors/followers/subscribers end.  Now this is a WIN/WIN all around from my erstwhile perspective.

And no scam involved.  60% of all funds raised go to the designated charity that participates in the revenue sharing.  Charities must elect to participate.  40% goes to me as the Ad Broker.  What a great way to earn a dollar or two without squeezing charities for every last cent.  What a way to genuinely be able to support a range of charities to continue to provide the programmes and services they are passionate about.

Yep.  This is a great opportunity.  I look forward to more charities coming on board so the more I support the more funds are generated for charities to use as they see fit in their local communities.

On this note: I wish every body a very Happy Christmas and a very safe start to the New Year.

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