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Do you have some ideas for an online business?  This is one of the most asked questions asked by people either starting out online or have been online for a wee while.  Starting an online business starts with either an idea or a concept of what one would like to create an online business for.

There are many ways to approach starting an online business and I will name just a few.  These being:

  • Create a business around a cause or a hobby you are passionate about.  Because an online business can be a steep learning curve, having a starting point re a cause or hobby you are passionate about is a good place to start.
  • Create a blog based on your cause or hobby.  A few years ago I ran a successful blog based around alternate energy because this is something I thoroughly enjoyed and knew a wee bit (not a world expert) about solar energy.  Simply your garden variety individual who enjoyed reading and writing primarily about solar energy.  You can then monitise your blog with relevant affiliate products to entice people your readerish to purchase or at least consider.
  • From your blog articles you can then create an E-Book on the topic and sell this online.  Many a successful online marketer started this way.  They regularly wrote on their blog about a topic they were interested in or passionate about, developed an email list along the way to let their subscribers know when the next post was writeen; created some engagement with their readers and then from this created an E-Book based on the articles, emails and questions and answers from their readership and/or subscribers and successfully made continual sales from their E-Book.  Yes, it can take a wee while to achieve all I have described using this method, however, you can then become an acknowledged authority on the topic and sell even more products, resources or services as a result.
  • If you’re into physical products you can tap into a dropshipper and create your website around selling these physical products.  Yesterday I mentioned in my article Amazon who have successfully created their whole brand online by selling both physical and digital products and encouraging affiliates to promote specific products to not only generate more sales but also to increase their brand reputation.  Now if you prefer to go this route, again there is a steep learning curve on which dropshipper to use, the volumes they require you to onsell and the like.  To much to go into re this article.

  • You may take the dropshipping concept product and then create an E-Bay shop and sell your products via E-Bay.  Many an E-Bay seller started this way.  They obtained the products for their E-Bay shop from a reputable dropshipper and then sell.  Many other individuals scour the local charity op-shops and/or weekend home sales to purchase pre loved items cheaply and then post and sell these items on E-Bay.
  • You may want to approach the affiliate marketing or CPA marketing angle of online businesses.  The first you become an affiliate for a specific digital products or two.  The vendor has done all the hard yakka by developing the product, the relevant web pages and email swipes and all you do is drive traffic to the sales page and if people buy you receive a commission.  Another twist on affiliate marketing is develop review videos of the product or service and post these on your blog or YouTube channel and again drive traffic to the vendor’s sales page and/you to your squeeze page to collect email subscribers before sending them onto the main sales page in order to receive a commission if people do purchase the product/service.
  • CPA Marketing network is another avenue where you drive traffic (visitors) to the CPA offer and receive a small payment for the lead the CPA offer receives as a result.

Sometimes people want everything done for them and yes, the online stratasphere caters for these business entreprenuers as well.  There are many DFY products/services available where you purchase the rights to promote, sell and retain the majority, if not all the sales.  There is a catch to this though.  You still have to drive traffic (visitors) to the product or service.  Hence, one of the major aspects to learn re being online is how to successfully drive traffic to your website, product or offer?  If you cannot nail this one which is one of the holy grails of internet land, then you simply will not make money online.  Without people’s eyeballs on your products/offer you cannot make a sale.

Just like if you set up a pyhsical shop or a shopping district.  If you don’t receive customers to your store you simply will be out of business in nothing flat.

Many people want to start for free online and whilst you can do this, you do have to acknowledge that you are trading your time and energy.  If you are prepared to do this, then go for it.  If not, then it is probably best to seek cost effective paid strategies that will give you a good return on your investment.

The only way to start online entirely for free is the afilliate marketing business model.  Otherwise if you want to start a blog or a website, then you are going to have to pay some dollars.  For example: pay for a domain name (your street address on the internet); for web hosting (your online store or presence) and then implement whatever strategy you wish.  Unless of course you are going to simply sell via a social media account.  Many a home business has started with a simple Facebook page and create huge engagement however you still have to have a payment system worked out in order to receive payment.

Hence, in answer to the question: Do You Have Some Ideas for an Online Business?  There are many and varied answers and it really boils down to 3 Questions:

  • What cause or hobby or product rocks your boat?
  • How much time are you prepared to learn the basics and build a sustainable online business?
  • How many $$$, if any, are you prepared to set aside and utilise for your online business?

Every other question literally springs off from these 3 basic questions.  If you can successfully answer these 3 basic questions, not only to your satisfaction but also to your potential customers’ satisifaction you are wll on your way to creating a sustainable online business.

To Your Continued Success

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