Frequently Asked Questions

question-300x300We understand you may have quite a number of questions, hence we have developed a range of questions that we are regularly asked in order to support you to make an informed decision.  We encourage you to undertake your due diligence as when you obtain our services we understand you are making a financial investment in your business and your future endeavours.  If you have a question that is not included on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will give you a response.  If we do not know the answer we will tell you and we’ll try our very best to research the answer for you.

I have more than 1 website – are you able to assist

Absolutely.  Whilst our pricing is based on 1 website, we are more than happy to support your business endeavours.  Please talk to us and we’ll be only too happy to negotiate a cost effective price for you for the services you would like to purchase.

What are Push Notifications

We’re very glad you asked this question.  Push Notifications is giving your customers/readers/visitors the option of being notified on their devices when you have:

  •  any special deals you are offering
  • update your website/blog with additional information, content, posts
  • any events you may be hosting
  • providing a new service to your customers

The sky is the limit on what you can notify your customers / readers / visitors on.

Please be rest assured, your customers, visitors, readers must elect to opt in to receive notifications and people always have the right and the option to unsubscribe anytime they like. This is different to what a lot of business are doing with text messages.  As soon as they have collected your mobile number, they bombard you with their text messages even though you never agreed in the first place to receive their messages.

A small discrete icon will be placed on your website and will appear on the bottom right corner of your website pages.

Because we believe in undertaking business endeavours ethically and not overloading customers with notifications we have decided to limit this service to a maximum of 2 notifications per month per customers.  We prefer to ensure your customers are happy to receive the notifications and remain subscribed for your business.  Abusing this system simply makes it harder for you to inform your customers of the important information you want to convey because they simply feel harassed and therefore unsubscribe. As well as harder for other businesses to use this system as people become weary of being constantly bombarded.

Do You Provide a Refund

In some circumstances yes we do.  However we prefer you to ‘try before you buy’ so you can feel confident that our services will meet your needs. For example:

If you want to check out our website maintenance services we provide a free 14 day free trial period so you can check out for yourself whether we will be a good fit for your online business.

Once the 14 day free trial period is over you will be automatically billed via Paypal for 1 month’s website maintenance service, however, you can choose at any time to cancel your subscription.

If you are unhappy with the service we provide, please contact us so we can discuss on how we can improve our service for you.

In respects to developing a niche social bookmarking site for your business, we cannot offer you a trial period or refund due to the fact we have undertaken the time to develop your site.  We will request a 10% deposit for us to start developing your site.  If you wish to cancel your order part way through the site’s development your deposit is non-refundable, however, we will ensure you are not billed for any further development costs.  Please speak to us about any concerns you have and we will do our very best to address your concerns positively for you.  The site will belong to you and any development undertaken becomes your property to do with what you so wish, including contracting another to further it’s development if you so choose.  This means you will retain the paid WordPress Theme that we install and any paid plugins we install on your behalf.

What is your Preferred Payment System

Paypal is our preferred payment system as Paypal has high security for online payments, as well as offers buyer protection for our customers.  We encourage you to open a free Paypal account, link either your bank account and/or credit card to your account.  This is the best way to ensure your payments are secure and you can immediately suspend your subscription when you so choose within your Paypal account.  We can start work on the service you ordered far quicker because Paypal will advise us when your payment has been made.  If you prefer not to open a Paypal Account this is okay.  You can still use the Paypal system to make your payment.

We do offer bank transfer.  If you wish to pay by bank transfer we will respect this.  Please contact us to provide you with an invoice for which to pay with the relevant banking details contained within the invoice. Please note:  We will not start any work you have ordered until the funds have cleared our bank account.  Also, due to legislative requirements Australian banks have to observe it can take up to 48 hours for your funds to clear our account.  We have no control over these legislative requirements all banking institutions have to observe in Australia, hence, we will inform you immediately when your funds have cleared our account so we can start delivering your service.

Do You Receive a Commission on the Products you Recommend

In some instances, yes we do.  In other instances, no we do not and simply provide the recommendation because we believe you may want to consider our recommendation as part of your ongoing online business endeavours.

We make no guarantee  any of our recommendations will be suitable for your business or that you will make any money as a result of implementing any of our recommendations.  This being we do not know your business.  Nor do we know how you will implement the specific recommendation.  Hence, we simply cannot make such a guarantee.

All we can say, is we have investigated the product/service for our business, are using the product/service either weekly, fortnightly or monthly and/or consider it might be worthwhile for you to undertake your own ‘due diligence’ as to whether the product/service will meet your online business needs.  We also recommend you simply do not take up any recommendation, regardless of the source of the recommendation without undertaking your own due diligence first.

So many unethical vendors simply want potential customers to read a sales page and make a decision there and then.  They’ll even provide time limited offers, i.e. the price will go up in the next couple of hours, in order to push people into buying their product/service.  They want ‘impulse buyers’ and continue to feed the impulse buying system.

We prefer you check out any recommendations we provide for yourself, undertake full due diligence, ensure you undertake a financial budget analysis whether the product/service is cost effective, financially affordable and will meet your overall financial strategic plan for your online business. Remember, in many respects the time limited offers will be there tomorrow, so why not have a good night’s sleep in order to give yourself the time and head space to make an informed decision.

We have grouped our recommendations into 3 categories:

  • Good.  This means the product/service has met all 7 criteria we have set.
  • Unsure.  This means we’re in the process of testing this product/service as it may have great potential.
  • Lousy.  This means we have tested the product/service and it has failed 5 of the 7 criteria we have set.

Rest assured if we provide a “Lousy” Recommendation we will not be providing any external link to the specific product/service.  If you want to check such a recommendation out for yourself, please feel free to go to Dr Google and do a keyword search for the product/service.

Please refer to our FAQ re recommendations for more information about the criteria we use to make our recommendations.


Do You Use the Products You Recommend

Absolutely.  We do not believe in promoting products that we have not personally used ourselves and/or do not use/access on a daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis.

Here at (EDP) Every Day People Communications we are sick and tired of online vendors who are simply out to make a quick buck or two with total disregard and disrespect to their customers.  We are tired of:

  • Vendors promoting shoddy products and expecting customers to purchase another of their products in order to make the first product actually work, if ever.
  • Vendors promoting they have the best funnel systems available, but hey, in order to access the funnel system they expect you to pay mega dollars for same.
  • Vendors who literally spam their email lists expecting their customers to continually buy product after product that they and their ‘mates’ have developed.
  • Vendors saying they’ll give you a bonus of having an affiliate link, only to find the customer has actually ‘paid’ for the so called ‘bonus’ when they made their original payment, where they were promoting they’ll issue a full refund in 30 days if you don’t make money!!!
  • Vendors who insist that if you seek a refund via the Paypal payment system, they’ll refuse to refund the customer.  This is so unethical it’s unbelievable and we would encourage any customer to escalate the refund claim to Paypal.  (Our question is: what exactly do these vendors have to hide that they cannot uphold their refund guarantee if a customer seeks a refund via Paypal?  Is it because they are going against the TOR for Paypal??? )
  • Vendors who insist you sign a confidentiality agreement, to access information about their system, only to find they really are not providing any genuine or real or unique content to make such a hoop to jump through actually warranted.
  • Vendors who state you can access their system for $1 USD only to find they’ve locked the system and you have to literally jump through hoops just to actually have the steps unlocked so you can preview what they claim their system is really all about.
  • Vendors who insist on their potential customers review video after video, and when the customer reaches the final video, literally are no wiser about the financials that will be involved.  (Believe us, there are a number of vendors out there promoting their high end products funnel systems and you cannot even obtain the basic financial aspects in order to implement their system.  They’re quick to inform you of the price, however, incredibly slow and tardy of informing you of any ongoing fees and charges you have to pay, so you are able to make an informed decision.

Hence over the past 7+ years we have become rather tired and weary of shoddy vendors, expecting customers (and boasting about the fact) to fork out major dollars to purchase their system or whatever, and literally are what we would call here in Aussie land “sharks of the first order”.

So we will only promote on this website any product that we have personally used and consider is a good recommendation for others.  If we’re still unsure, we’ll state this upfront i.e. we’re using this product, however, we are still undertaking a range of tests to ascertain whether the product meets our stringent good recommendations guidelines.

What are Good Recommendations Guidelines:

  • Good means we are using the product either daily/weekly/fortnightly and we believe is a product our customers might consider worthy of consideration to incorporate in their own online business/s after undertaking their own ‘due diligence’.
  • Unsure means we are using the product, however, as yet to fully ascertain the relevant results in order to make a full “Good Recommendation” however the product is looking relatively promising.
  • Lousy means just that.  We have tested the product and it hasn’t met five out of the 7 criteria we have in place to make a good recommendation.

What are the 7 Criteria We Use to Make a Good Recommendation.

  • Passes the economics test.  The financials stack up including any ongoing fees and charges; initial cost outlays which also include domain name, webhosting, free and paid advertising; hours to implement the system on an ongoing basis. Afterall you are purchasing a system in order to build and/or enhance your business.  Basic business financial fundamentals must be included otherwise your business will not survive and thrive.  The saying “Know Thy Numbers” is incredibly important.
  • Passes the ethical test.  The vendor is as far as can be determined behaving in an ethical way.  This include only communicating with the email the customer provides; doesn’t pass along the customer’s email to his/her mates, including product partners; doesn’t start communicating via the Paypal email address the customer logs into in order to pay for the item when a totally different email address has been provided to receive the digital information.
  • Passes the Refund Guarantee.  This includes will accept providing refunds when customers utilise the Paypal system to request a refund; doesn’t start arguing and changing refund tickets to support tickets in the attempt to delay the issuing of the refund past the money back guarantee date; Ensures there are multiple ways for the customer to request a refund and provides the refund immediately.
  • Passes the Payment System test.  This includes that customers have the option of paying by Paypal to ensure they’re protected by the Paypal system.  Doesn’t insist customers pay via their credit cards and literally have no security i.e. SSL certificate to ensure such credit card payments are secure.
  • Passes the Ongoing Customer Experience Test.  This includes providing a broad range of information free as part of their email marketing system.  In other words they don’t simply from day 1 start promoting a broad range of other products they have or of their mates, to their list expecting their customers to keep them in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to; and/or expecting their customers to literally be cash cows or have a bottomless pit of $$$.
  • Passes the Responding to the Customer Test of responding in a timely fashion to all support tickets; and do actually provide considered responses to what the customer is asking information about; if a member’s area are prepared to ask a customer if they’d be prepared to talk in person with a potential customer of their experiences, if this has been requested by the customer.
  • Passes the Ongoing Information Test of providing quality and ongoing information to their customers on how to implement the system they have purchased; what the current trends are, and not always expecting the customer to pay extra in order to receive this information.


What is the best security plugin you Recommend

We recommend Wordfence Pro version.  In our experience this is one of the best security WP plugins for WordPress sites.  There is a free and paid version, however, we do recommend you obtain the Pro version.  This being you have the additional feature of country blocking.  Country blocking is ensuring that hackers from different countries do not try and hack into your website/blog.  Whilst visitors from all countries are able to visit your blog, country blocking stops hackers in their tracks, from trying to hack into your administration area.

You can obtain the free Wordfence plugin directly from your plugins area in the administration section of your WordPress site/blog.  To purchase the Pro version, you will need the key provided to you once you purchase it and simply cut and paste it into the license key area of the Wordfence option settings and click save.  Click here to purchase Wordfence Pro Version  If you have more than one website/blog you can purchase additional license keys for each.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell is where a business offers people (called Affiliate Marketers) a commission (usually a percentage of the full sale of the product/service) in return for people to promote throughout their networks or networks of people they know or have paid for, the product/service.

Promoting the vendors’ products/services can take many forms.  Some include, however not limited to, are:

  • On Social Media via posts and fan pages, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc.
  • Write review articles and posting these articles online.  This could be via maintaining a blog, just like (EDP) Every Day People Communications occasionally writes a blog post about various products/services.
  • Becoming a member of various forums and posting comments that are helpful to others, which has a link included in their signature.
  • Undertake free or paid advertising.  For example: Submit Free Classified Ads or pay for Google Adwords.
  • Submit Banner ads to various sites.
  • Email Marketing campaigns.  For example, offering a free product to people who provide their email and then promoting various vendors’ products/services in emails.
  • Please be rest assured. Unlike some people in internet land, (EDP) Every Day People Communications has a very, very strict policy in relation to promoting products/services to members who wish to receive our monthly newsletter. Nor do we accept requests from vendors to promote their products/services without having tested the specific product/service first.
  • We do not believe in spamming people.  Nor do we believe in simply sending out sales email after sales email in the attempt to wear our customers down.  We’re rather tired of people who do this and we believe in looking after our customers.  We prefer you access this website and check out the information here, undertake your own due diligence to make an informed decision, rather than sending you copious unwanted emails.