How can I increase my motivation towards doing a business?

This is a great question. Motivation for anything in life can be rather elusive however not impossible. Here are some tips and strategies I try to implement in my own lifestyle of choice.

Start small. Too often we can go full pelt for a few days, weeks, even months and then fade when we’re close to the finishing line. As the childhood story goes: Be the tortoise rather than the hare. It was the tortoise that won the race by steadily and consistently putting one foot after another.
So the moral of the story for business is: choose one - two tasks and consistently implement these tasks by creating a daily routine around these tasks. For example: I check my emails over a morning cuppa; usually check FB and respond or such type tasks. Hence, by the time my morning/daily routine is completed I have usually undertaken 2–3 tasks consistently on a daily basis.

This is like compound interest. You put your $$$ into a savings account and continually add small amounts regularly which over time compounds the interest you will receive on a monthly/annual basis. Same with business, implement 1–2 small tasks daily and over time your results will compound and generate that much required income.

Be selective in the tasks you undertake. Sure we would all like to do everything in our business but sometimes this is simply not practical or doable from the amount of hours we have in the day to spend on our business. So sit down and work out - what tasks are you willing to undertake and how often; and what tasks would be better for you to either leave for the time being; and/or outsource (if $$$ are not an issue) to someone who loves doing such tasks.
As you start seeing results and/or success for your efforts your motivation will gradually increase and you will find that it is no effort to maintain your motivation.
Avoid the shiny object syndrome. This will ultimately see you continually at your business starting gate repeatedly wishing you had simply stuck to your guns months ago and simply implemented the 1–2 strategies to progress your business. Yep, I have sure been known to become fascinated with the shiny object syndrome and then when I look back I realise by jumping around all over the place, I really have simply been treading water, if that, and have literally only gained education in the process. Sure I have learnt a lot. However, learning heaps and having a successful business are 2 entirely different things, even if at times they do cross over.

Be realistic with how many hours you have each day to dedicate to implementing your business strategies. Remember it was the tortoise who won the race because his strategy was small steps consistently. Same with business. No point starting out all starry eyed and then losing puff down the track. This is a great de-motivation factor in itself. Hence be realistic if you can only spend 20 - 30 minutes a day, then this is your time frame. Use this time frame wisely and consistently and you will succeed.
If possible find yourself an accountability buddy who is not afraid of telling you the hard stuff i.e. you’re being a slack arse. When we’re accountable for our actions it’s amazing the difference this makes to our motivation to succeed.

Every day or at least weekly have a business meeting with yourself (and/or your partners) and discuss the state of your business; what you haveactioned for the week and what you will action for the next week. It’s amazing when you take the time to reflect on the week past, to realise just how far you and your business has progressed. You are also increasing your motivation by understanding that you have indeed further progressed along your business path. Yes, it may seem very small increments at first but remember the compound interest story - your efforts will indeed compound over time.

In Conclusion:
Ensure you have fun along the way. Yes, the boring tasks do have to be completed and if you are willing to do them, inject a bit of humour into the actions and you will be amazed how quickly undertaking such tasks will become.

In many respects you and only you have the choice to decide whether your business becomes a success. Yes, motivation can become an elusive ideal, however, if you remember to put one foot after another, one strategy at a time you’ll be amazed just how motivated you will become.
Yes, it is okay to rest awhile. However, ensure resting doesn’t become a permanent state of affairs. The business will not succeed by itself. You do have to put some effort in and only you can decided exactly how much effort to expend.

To Your Continued Success.
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