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What a great question. I am going to assume you already know what type of online business you want to start. In other words you have your:

  • Product/Service fully developed.
  • You have your website and payment methods fully sorted.
  • You have your customer support strategies in place.
  • You are fully across your financials and have a strategic business plan in place complete with relevant costings.

Now with the above 4 key dot points out of the way; let’s get started:

  • Develop a blog - no you don’t have to have your blog separate to your website product/service. You can include your blog as part of your website even if you do not want it set as the website home page. Then consistently include content into various blog posts. Many will tell you that in order for a blog to succeed you have to write multiple times a week. Yes, in the first instance aim for writing/videoing one post daily until you build up your repository and have created a following.
  • Be aware that setting up a blog is only the beginning and to receive organic traffic (visitors) to your website will take time, however will serve you well in the long term.
  • Choose a social media platform and open up the free account. Now you can link your blog posts to your social media posts to boost your free traffic and gain some traction. Again you might have to start with multiple posts daily until you get a following and then post at least once daily. Be creative. Be informative. Ensure you give value.
  • Set up an email marketing autoresponder. Yes, MailChimp is free however I think you’ll find that MailChimp does not like business accounts contrary to their advertising and can shut your account down very quickly. So best to go with a paid service like Aweber or Get Response which both give a free trial period. Then connect your autoresponder to your website so people can sign up to receive further information from you. Again you can refer to your blog and social media and connect these up, so your loyal subscribers can quickly and easily gain access to current and relevant content.
  • Now there are a range of methods re email marketing. Some say send marketing emails multiple times daily and weekly. Others say judiciously. Some say you must sell in every email. Others say be judicious - send 1 sales email to every 3–5 information emails. People don’t like being constantly sold to is my experience; hence, the more information you can give your subscribers the better rather than in your face selling.

In Conclusion:

I could go on however you now have 3 strategies which will not break the bank for your online business which you can build upon over time.

My erstwhile suggestion is mix and match. Test what will work for you and what will not. For example: if your target market access FB then this is the social media platform to start with. If your target market is a younger generation then choose this platform as your starting point.

Ensure whatever you do, you are consistent in your efforts. Avoid the shiny object syndrome which afflicts many online business entrepreneurs (and yes, I’ve been known to have this syndrome!) and keep your credit card details very firmly in your wallet/purse.

Ask yourself the following 3 questions if you are tempted to purchase an online product:

  • How will this product assist my overall business strategy to become a reality?
  • Is there a cost effective alternative available already in the market place.
  • What type of support is the vendor offering.
  • What is the overall costs: i.e. time, dollars and business finances if I actually purchase this product.

Once you are satisfied with your answers to the above 4 questions, then and only then hit the buy button if required.

Another thing is to ensure regardless of what you spend or don’t spend on your business ensure you are tracking and trending your expenditure at least weekly. If necessary have a financial team meeting with yourself, so you know exactly what you are spending on your business, what type of return you are receiving and what to include and/or delete as a result.

To Your Continued Success

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