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What a fabulous question. If we break it down you want to generate $10 million per year x 10 years to reach the $100 million mark. Ummm, is this doable? There will be people who say it is doable and then again there will be people who say, not doable - your amount is pie in the sky. Only you can decide which group of people you will listen to.

Now if you are highly tech savvy and want to create a tech start up, then yes, your dream can be doable - as long as you are prepared to put in the hard yards, obtain investors for your tech product and ensure you have a quality product for the market place; have all relevant support systems and structures in place etc. etc. etc. And, then be prepared in many respects to float your tech company on the stock exchange.

If you want to own your very own online TV Channel - and create high quality channels for online viewers, sell advertising and the like. Again, this might be doable. Please bear in mind you will have to swap your $$$ for time or time for $$$ however may outsource many aspects. Never before has owning an online TV Channel/s been so affordable and currently people can get in at the ground floor. No longer is owning a TV channel for station only in the hands of the mega rich.

Is generating this kind of money doable in real estate, as another example: Yes, again it is doable if you are either prepared to knock yourself out on middle of the range properties or alternatively sell high end properties and receive a decent commission. Again you are going to have to work your butt off, but doable it is - depending on where you live or are prepared to live and the range of high end properties available to the market place at any given time.

You may also want to either become a property developer or renovator - purchasing properties to either fully develop into i.e. townhouses or buy the worst property on the street and renovate maybe high end (depending on the suburb). You can make a tidy sum with this strategy, however, best to get educated and ensure you’re prepared to put in the hard yards or create an excellent team of tradespeople around. Doable, yes depending on the real estate market and property prices.

Let’s take shares and forex trading. Now for this one you either have to be an expert or be prepared to pay for an expert to invest on your behalf. You will require a fair size amount of capital to start your investing career. Is it doable with the markets up and done at present because of the USA/Chine trade wars? Um, more than probably not likely (depending on your capital investment) Maybe if you had between $5–10 million capital to invest you might reach your goal over a 10 year period.

Create a business from scratch and meld together the online and offline world might be a way to go. However bear in mind the majority of businesses fail in the first year and depending on the type of business will depend on the capital you will have to outlay. Beware of anyone who says you can start an online business for free. Online like the offline business world requires education, putting in the hard yards. You will either swap your time for $$$ or your $$$ for time. Make no mistake about this.

You could start with the affiliate marketing angle selling a vendor’s high end product and receiving a commission on the sale. Sell enough and they will soon add up. However, will you get to your $100 million mark in 10 years - very unlikely as an affiliate marketer. Potentially if you create highly valuable and sought after digital products and create your own JV (joint venture) affiliates who sell the products for you to receive a slice of the pie. Then include a high end coaching programme for your affiliates to sell and receive a slice of the pie.

In Conclusion:

Only you can decide what you want to do and what floats your boat enough to put in the capital, time and energy. All I can say is: if you aim for the moon and only reach the stars, you’re still way ahead of the game.

However, ensure regardless of what your idea/concept is, whether you want to gain education or not, what niche you would ultimately like to be in - you undertake your own full due diligence first, second and third.

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