How do I start an online business as a nurse promoting individual and company health and wellness?

This is an interesting question and having worked in the mental health sector which is nortorous for wanting everything for free; you may have your work cut out for you. However in saying this, it is not all doom and gloom.

There are a number of things you can do however first and foremost - please, please obtaining training on how to develop an online business. Doesn’t matter what the niche is - the online stratasphere is full of many pitfalls to the unwary or newbie.

This being said: I can point you into the direction of John Thornhill. John is a multi millionaire and has made his money in the product development and online marketing stratasphere. If you want to watch a free webinar check out this link: Webinar With John

John offers a 1 year coaching programme which is second to none and you can contact John and his team anytime and literally pick their brains. They’re more than happy to get on a Skype call with you.

In preparation for creating your product/service online;

  • List the pros and cons of the product/service you want to bring to the online marketplace.
  • Research what is currently in the marketplace (who your competitors will be)
  • List how your product/service will be different or an improvement on what is currently available (your unique selling point).
  • Decide on how much time you can spend on your business. Please be realistic here. If you only have 30 minutes a day to allocate, then this is your time that you allocate consistently.
  • Have a good think on what your start up capital will be. Again, please be realistic. Depending on your capital will depend whether you trade time for $$$ or $$$ for time. No way around this aspect.
  • Life can also throw some curlies and see you diverting for a while to deal with life issues, so please factor this in where possible. (I do understand you may not have a crystal ball so it is about being as realistic as possible.

In Conclusion:

I do recommend you obtain some training and education in online businesses. Whilst normal business principles (whether offline or online) do apply, you can spin your wheels for quite some time or lose a lot of $$$ and then find yourself wishing you had started with relevant training at the very beginning.

However, training in itself is not going to produce your business to be the success you envisage. You do have to put in the effort of implementing what you are learning.

Remember: you can tap into a highly active network of online business owners via John’s membership. Here is the link again for you to check out the free webinar: Webinar With John

You have nothing to lose except maybe an hour of your time listening to the webinar to see whether John may be a good fit for you.

To Your Continued Success.