How should a small business owner start to use social media to market his business?

This is a great question. In many respects social media is a time sucker of the first order, so it is best to decide on 1–2 social media platforms and consistently post to these platforms and do things well. And, to wrap around a time frame of how much time you are prepared to spend each day on the platform.

Yes there are tools that you may potentially be able to use to get across more platforms with the one post, however, in saying this, be judicious in which tool you eventually go for, if you decide to go down this path. Why? because depending on the social media platform, will depend on the type of post you can actually post. Therefore, tools that spread your message across relevant platforms may not be as useful as you first think.

Then it is a matter of doing your research. Choose a social media platform that fits into the ethos of your small business and go with this. The key is to post consistently to the platform. There is nothing worse than having a page or account with no posts in it.

In many respects the social media platform you go with will depend on what type of small business you own. If you’re into fashion for example: then maybe Instagram. If you want business to business referrals then maybe LinkedIn. If you’re into building community then maybe FB might be your preferred choice.

There is a recommendation that I would like to put to you. Never invest so heavily in one platform for your business that you become dependent on this platform to bring cash into your business? Why? Because social media giants like Facebook and YouTube have been known to suspend people’s accounts without any warning. Best of like trying to appeal their decision! They simply do not respond.

Hence, be judicious. Social media should be viewed, from my perspective, as a welcome addition rather than an integral core to the business finances.

To Your Continued Success.

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