I can invest anything ranging from $100 to 1500$ in an online business, what are my best options?

This is an excellent question and congratulations for having money to invest in an online business. You have a range of options however first before you part with any of your hard earned $$$ consider the following:

  • Regardless of the programme or idea or concept ensure you undertake your full due diligence. And this includes undertaking a relevant and realistic cost analysis of what it is going to cost to implement your business idea/concept.
  • Ensure you seek out relevant education and training to bring your online business concept to a reality. Now this can range from reviewing YouTube videos and the like to paying some of your hard earned $$$ to obtain the relevant education required. If the later ensure you do your full due diligence on the education vendor to ensure s/he is not a fake and simply peddling old hat strategies and ideas.
  • Decide whether you are going to work “on” your business or “in” your business. Two entirely different things. If the former then ensure you include in your due diligence and cost analysis relevant and realistic costings, because you will be mainly outsourcing various strategies and tasks.
  • Be aware the internet whilst it is a wonderful place is also full of sharks who will want to circle around you and take your hard earned $$$ quicker than you can say Jack Flash. So you will need to become internet business savvy and protect those hard earned $$$ as if that is the last wage you will earn before your retirement and have to live off these $$$ for the long term.

I could go on, however, if you implement the above 4 dot points, you have a really good opportunity to invest in your online business and create a sustainable income for the future.

To Your Continued Success