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Is it possible to build an online business with little or no experience online?  The answer is an unqualified Knowledge V Experience yes!  However, and here is the rider:  you will indeed have a relatively steep learning curve, depending on which online business avenue you take.

To have an online business you will require:

  • A good idea, or an interest you’re passionate about; or a product/service you want to promote.
  • A step by step plan on how to implement and manage your online business.
  • A domain name.  Be careful here.  You may decide to change track down the track so you will want a domain name that will accommodate switching niches in the future and/or adding other relevant niches to your online business.
  • A webhosting provider in order to host your website or blog in order to promote your product/service or daily blog.

The above are the first steps any person is required to take in order to develop a sustainable online business.  However, there are ways you can start for free. However avoid being mistaken, they still take a lot of rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck into the work associated.

You can start your online business via:

  • Affiliate marketing.  In other words promote other people’s products and services and receive a commission on each sale made by visitors you have sent to the vendor’s product or service.
  • You could set up some social media accounts i.e. Facebook and/or YouTube and promote the affiliate product via social media.  Ensure you also give good content in your posts and/or videos for free.
  • If you don’t want to start with a website, then social media is probably the best way to start as you can set up these accounts for free.  Other resources you require is video capturing software, which you can download for free from various sites and create review videos of the products and upload to YouTube and send to your Facebook followers.  And naturally a computer and internet connection.

Alternatively if you go the first route and set up a blog via WordPress there are plenty of free plugins that you can include to create specific functions for your blog to encourage you visitors to take action.  For example:  for the cost of $2 – $5 you can purchase the Creative Pop Ups plugin to have a pop up on various posts and pages to grab your visitors’ attention and link these pop ups to various affiliate offers you want to promote.

Image Adverts and Video Pop UpsIs it possible to build an online business with little or no experience?  Yes, every successful online business started where you are at.

Does one ever stop learing?  Not really.  However, you will find having a sustainable online business is a learning curve that never ends.  There are so many methods and strategies that you will never cease to learn what you can do and what pitfalls are best to avoid.

To Your Continued Success

PS:  Remember you can purchase Creative Pop Ups to create eye catching and attention grabbing pop ups to increase your visitors engagement on your site.

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