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I have a question to pose to you today. Is Trial and Error the Best Way to Learn? Oftentimes people

Test Tweak and Learn
Is Trial and Error the Best Way to Learn

answer yes to this question. The whole online marketing niche is full of stories of people who have maxed out their credit cards; bordered on homelessness; barely able to put food on the table. Sometimes I wonder whether these stories are simply attention grabbing stories or the actual real deal.

In many respects, if there is an easy way, we all want to know what this easy way is. If people sell us a great story we want to be able to implement their strategy. Often times their stories suck us in to purchasing this or that product. However once we purchase the product we’re left high and dry. The product either doesn’t work; has so many steps that what was promoted; and/or we’re left with fending for ourselves because the support is totally lacking.

Other times, we get bombarded with emails from the product vendor who has moved onto the next so called best thing since sliced bread. So much so that we end up throwing our hands up in horror and quickly reach to click the unsubscribe button. If you want to know more about how to implement the product or strategy you are encouraged to purchase yet another product or upsell.

What has happened to good ole fashioned customer service. As for me, I want to read emails that will in fact support and assist me to implement the product I paid for rather than simply yet another sales email from the vendor about the next best so called product.

As a person who purchases heaps of products to check them out, or they’ve caught my attention because it compliments what I’m currently doing, I end up on quite a number of email lists. Sometimes I find that I simply skim the inbox looking at the subject line and if it grabs my attention I may open the email to see what the person has to say.

One of my other bug bears is purchasing a product, providing the delivery email address to receive the item and all communications however have used a different Paypal email address to pay for the item. Whalla I’m suddenly being bombarded with emails from the vendor and his/her mates to my Paypal email. To me this is so unethical.

Anyway this is my rant for today. Now back to the topic: Is Trial and Error the Best Way to Learn. In many respects yes. How do we learn in life? Oftentimes we learn, if we’re smart, from our mistakes. For example: if a 3 year old places their hand on a burning hot plate they quickly not only go ouch and the tears flow, they have learnt an invaluable lesson – and will avoid making the same mistake again. Why? Because pain was involved. Nobody likes to be in pain.

In many respects as online entreprenuers we all have different pain thresholds. Some of us will go ouch very quickly, even if the tears don’t flow. Others will say: “Well that was a complete waste of time and money”. And others will say: “Okay, that didn’t work, what aspects of this strategy can I tweak to see if I can make it work?”

And sometimes, we will employ all three responses, depending on how much money we have spent and what we have been suckered into buying.

It appears to be rather novel these days in the online stratasphere to tap into the genuine online business entreprenuers who are willing to support and assist their customers to actually succeed.

I recently got suckered into a product, and yes, even after all these years, I can still get suckered into buying a product that actually does not work. I’m still waiting for my refund. The vendor was very quick to cancel the account however has been very tardy in respect to actually issuing the refund as per his money back guarantee.

Sometimes I will give a vendor I don’t know the reputation of a chance because everybody has to start somewhere and I’m pleasantly surprised. Other times I realise the vendor is simply out to make a quick buck or two and too damn bad that the product doesn’t meet the hype of the sales page.

So in answer to the question: Is Trial and Error the best way to learn? Your answer will more than likely be different to mine. I’m happy to employ trial and error at various times. I’m also happy to purchase a product which takes away the trial and error aspect and provides me with a clear implementable strategy and steps to reach my hopes and dreams.

To Your Continued Success.

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