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Is Your Life Getting in the Way to you realising your Online Dreams. Every person who starts online has great dreams and plans to create a living via online. There are so many products and services out there in intenet land, touting their product or service will put your life on easy street, if only you fork over your hard earned dollars.

Now I’ve been around internet land long enough that many vendors are selling the pipe dream rather than a system that will indeed create your dream lifestyle of choice. In many ways they remind me of the gold rush days where spruikers were selling their wares and tools to dig for the gold that must be in the earth, if only people had the right tool to do the digging. So too with internet land. Internet has been the new gold rush frontier for a number of years now, and many people have ended up flat stone broke, had to handle disappointment after disappointment, and seen their dreams tossed aside on the scrap heap in the process.

Now you might be asking what exactly is this post about. In many respects many people start online with the best intentions and dreams firmly fixed on the prize. However, life can indeed throw us humans some curve balls. And in many respects internet land is no different. We start eagerly reviewing the product and then suddenly find, well this either doesn’t work or the amount of time and effort required is far more than we envisage.

Even so we might tell ourselves, well I’ll just allocate the time and all will turn out down the track to my advantage. So still with gusto we get stuck in implementing the product or service we purchased; and 2-3 weeks later have seen nothing for our efforts.

We then start wondering if our belief in the product was really worth the investment of our time and hard earned dollars. Some give up at this stage; others tell themselves to plod along, all will happen okay.

Then we find we may have to handle a crisis in our day job, or with family or friends and have to put all this internet stuff on hold. Days start to pass, then weeks and sometimes even months.

We then start to think, now I’m ready and I’m a tad bit wiser than when I first started, only to repeat the process. Only to find there will always be something in life to put a partial road block in our way which appears to be thwarting our hopes and dreams of creating a financially sustainable lifestyle from our online endeavours.

Take heart. I don’t think I have heard of an online business entrepreneur who has been on easy street from day one. Many that appear to be overnight successes have been plugging away for years.

Only you can decide whether your life will get in the way of your hopes and dreams, whether these dreams are online or offline. Only you can decide how much time and effort and yes dollars you are prepared to spend on persuing your dreams.

Take heart. As the saying goes. When the going gets tough the tough get going. In other words they become even more determined and committed to ensuring their hopes and dreams become a reality, even if they do have rest stops along the way.

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