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I have a real treat for you today.  We all want to create the lifestyle of our dreams.  We all want to generate money online that will see us achieving our hopes and dreams and so much more.  Well this 22 year old grabbed the bull by the horns, developed a system to promote his offers and now he has a six figure business under his belt with him aiming to reach 7 figures in no time flat.

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Sometimes we are too busy searching through the woods that we fail to check out the trees.  Sometimes, we jump from offer to offer, video to video and we are so busy at being busy that we forget the first rule of business:  FOCUS.

Hence, this is Secret # 1 for this rookie.  He remained focus and every task he undertook was to fulfill his dream.  He kept his feet firmly on the ground, kept his eye on the overall picture, however ensured he undertook every step to the best of his ability.

Secret # 2 for this rookie.  He stayed committed for the long haul.  He didn’t just throw his hands up in horror at the first hurdle.  Each hurdle was a challenge to overcome.  Each challenge presented him with key learnings to test, tweak and do better.

Secret # 3 for this rookie.  He stuck to his business plan.  He developed his goals and then wrapped the steps around each milestone which would see him achieving his goals.  He didn’t baulk at the plan, toss it up in the air and see where it landed.  He ensured his plan was realistic, achievable in increments and stuck to the plan.

Now regardless of whether your young or at retirement age – you can learn a lot from this young man.  Are you prepared to toss away your own pre conceived ideas and take on as much of the learnings as your able to?


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