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Things have been really beetling along for the past few months.  So much so, that I have not really had the breathing space to pop online and update news about my online journey and different ports I have popped into along the way.

No worries:  Here’s some of my news in a wee nutshell:

  • I have been investigating a new online marketing platform just brought onto the market by some well known online marketing entrepreneurs.  Whilst this platform really shows a lot of promise, I have opted out from the platform for a number of reasons.  The primary reason is the platform does not work the way it is promoted which is a real shame as the vendors are onto a good idea.  The tech support staff are litery abysmal to say the very least.  Sadly they were so incompetent they couldn’t even read snapshot image files to highlight how the system does not work correctly.  Hence, my initial excitement turned into a nightmare of trying to communicate with support staff who literally were totally incompetent.  So I pulled the plug big time.
  • I researched and decided to become a MOBE (short for My Own Business Empire) Consultant and have been receiving information and coaching.  Now, before you ask: MOBE is definitely not MLM.  Nor is it a prymid scheme.  And yes, I read the negative reviews and found these reviews were simply written by people affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate.  Then I asked myself some very serious questions.  If MOBE was indeed a scam, then how come they have over 12,000 members?  Surely not all 12,000 can be totally deluded.  If MOBE were a scam then how come on sign up one is designated a coach to take one through the relevant steps?  And, these coaches can only be coaches if they’re using the MOBE system.  If MOBE were a scam then how could it possible have stood the test of time over the past 6 years and still growing, not to mention, is worth over $100 million?  Hence, I’m very happy to report, this system is not only legit, one can indeed start small and continue to make sales etc.  The information, whilst I knew a lot of the main information in the initial steps is presented in easy to understand language and incredibly doable.
  • I have also written an E-Book which I am very excited about and am utilising the strategies to promote the MOBE system.  Hopefully at some stage I will bring the E-Book to the market place.  At the moment I’m actually having the E-Book reviewed by experienced online marketers to obtain their feedback.

Hence, slowly but surely things are very much indeed slotting into place.  And I can assure you they can for you also.  All you have to do is be consistent, be persistent, and be willing to take relevant action.

To your continued success.

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