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Revenue Sharing WebsitesOne of the many ways to generate an income online is via revenue share.  How does this work and is revenue share a key to generating an online income?  Basically how it works is that one purchases ad packages (and/or tokens) to advertise one’s website; and in return reviews 10 websites daily to participate in the overall revenue share.  There are quite a number of issues, pros and cons with this online money making strategy, some being:

  • Paypal, a highly reputable payment gateway does not recognise such websites, therefore one cannot use Paypal to pay for the ad packages.
  • Bitcoin, is touted as a payment method, however if you live in Aussie land, owning Bitcoins is a surefire way to be placed on the AFP (Australian Federal Police) watch list for potential money laundering activities.
  • The payment gateways touted by such sites, we question whether they have the security measures in place to ensure your personal information, including any credit card details are kept safe.
  • The cost of ad packages can range from as little of $5 USD to $50 USD and if you reside outside the USA then the exchange rate can hit you rather badly.
  • The majority of these revenue sharing sites are located outside the USA because SIC (Securities & Investments Commission) deem such sites as ponzi schemes; therefore, buyer beware.
  • One has to log in daily (regardless of what one is doing) to click on the various (usually 10) adverts in order to maintain one’s capability to participate in the revenue sharing.
  • Many of these sites are fly by nighters and you can lose your dollars because they don’t have the dollars in the coffers; and/or they lock up the dollars hence you’re unable to withdraw the funds.

Therefore, we would suggest you think carefully before participating in such a scheme.  Do your research thoroughly and ensure if you do decide to participate, to start small.  In other words this is not an online investment scheme and/or a get rich quick strategy.  Therefore buyer beware and also ensure you never commit any dollars you cannot afford to lose.

We have been checking out Get My Ads – which acts as a revenue sharing site and our verdict is still out.  We have as yet to make a full determination about this ads revenue sharing site.  Whilst this site, unlike other revenue sharing websites, doesn’t require one to click on 10 website ads daily, it does from our perspective have a rather steep $50 USD entry price tag.  Which is, subject to the currency market.  Therefore, for example:  if you live in Aussie land, the entry price is approximately $85 AUD; which is rather steep indeed.

We encourage you:  do your own due diligence and ensure you know as much as possible prior to parting with any of your hard earned dollars.

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