web-designWe here at (EDP) Every Day People Communications are not website designers.  Whilst we have a reasonable working knowledge of the WordPress platform and are more than happy to support you by maintaining any WordPress website, we do not pretend to be website designers and prefer to leave this to the professionals who make their living from developing websites and remain current on the current practices and trends of website development.

In saying this, we are more than happy to refer you to a website developer we trust and would highly recommend.  She has broad knowledge of various website platforms (however, please note:  she prefers not to undertake any website development based on the WordPress platform.)

Please contact us if you wish to have a website developed we will be only too happy to connect you with an excellent Australian website designer and we’re sure you will be happy not only with the results but also having a website developed at a cost effective price.

To assist you to make the right choice in contracting a website designer, we’ve put together a few questions you may want to think through as part of your research; as well as ask a potential website designer in order to make an informed decision:

Q. 1:  What is the purpose of your website?

Q.2  Who is your target audience?

Q.3  Will you be selling a product/s or is the website to be an information sharing type of website?

Q.4  What security plugins (small pieces of software) does the website developer recommend to be included in your website?

Q.5  What type of images, videos or content do you want to include on your website; and who is to provide this information.  (In many respects whilst website designers can give you the overall framework, they can’t read your mind on what type of content you want to include, hence you will need to be able to provide a good summary of what type and style of content you wish to be able to include on your website.)

Q.6  The sky is the limit in relation to what you can have built in as part of your website, therefore:  what is your budget?  This will need to be realistic.  Website development is like building a house.  You need to allow for some contingencies in your financial budget plan as once the website starts to take shape you may want to include other aspects, which naturally you will need to pay for.

Q.7  What is the time frame you have in mind to have your website developed?  Again you will need to be realistic.  If you don’t have all your information ready, then it is better to gather your information together prior to contracting a website designer.  This being, whilst website designers do make every endeavour to develop your website in a timely manner, they are reliant on you to provide them with all the relevant information to be able to do so.  Therefore, if you don’t have all your information together this will delay the website designer in completing your website, and the only person you can blame for this is yourself.

Q.8  Based on your summary of what you would like your website to include, is the website designer able to give any relevant website examples to assist you to choose the layout style you would like for your website?

Q.9  Will the website provide you with a contract proposal including relevant costings so you are both clear on what is and what is not included in the development of your website?

Q.10  Can the website designer give you examples of their work so you can see whether this is the website designer that might be potentially suitable.  Most website designers have a website which includes a portfolio of their work.


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