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To have the Art of Storytelling is indeed a gift and one to be treasured.  If you are not a natural storyteller then how do you obtain the talents and skills to tell a good story?  This is indeed a bit of a condruim.  Storytelling online takes on so many different mediums, for example:

  • Pictures.  Every picture is as they say worth a thousand words.  You can take your own pictures and develop a written story based on each individual picture and then display them in  a sequence.  You can also post your pictures to various social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram are two that spring to mind; and simply write a short caption for each image you post.
  • Video.  There are many video blogs out there in internet land where ordinary, every day people are telling the world their story.  The story of the lives.  The stories of their families and friends.  Since the advent of the internet and especially YouTube and other video hosting sites, it has never been more easier to connect with many from around the globe and share with them your daily life triumphs and challenges.  In fact whole YouTube channels are dedicated to individuals who create massive followings simply by talking about their everyday lives.
  • With words.  In many respects many a well known publisher has turned people’s blogs into physical books because of the success the authors have had telling their stories via an online blog.  You too could be the next published author proudly displaying your story in a book in bookstores.
  • Music is another medium that songwriters use to tell a story and then submit their music to various singers in order to have their stories heard.
  • Marketing.  Now before you say “I hate advertising” bear with me.  Advertising can be incredibly interesting as the creators have mastered telling a story in say 30 seconds flat.  So before you start to channel surf on your TV because an ad has come on, or, flicked over the page in the newspaper, check out the advert and ask yourself exactly what is the story that is being conveyed to me.
  • Radio.  Never before in the history of the universe has radio been so accessible.  In years gone past before the advent of TV families would gather around the radio to listen to stories.  Now with the internet Podcasts have made radio incredibly more accessible especially to the younger generation.  Regardless of how old you are you can create a podcast channel on any topic you like and have listeners tune in from all over the globe.

Yes, there are so many mediums for one to tell their story these days and the internet has opened and shifted the goal posts at an incredibly fast rate.  As you read this post you are reading a story, only that it is about storytelling.  As you review the content on this site you are presented with a broad range of stories.  Some you may like.  Others you may not.  However, you are still being presented with stories.  Stories about online marketing.  Stories about different products and services.

Another medium to tell a story is what is called email marketing.  Sometimes we simply become inaundated with the number of emails we receive.  Sometimes we simply hit the delete button because there are so many emails demanding one’s attention.  Successful email marketers have learned the art of telling the story of the product/service they are promoting; hopefully with integrity and honesty.  Many marketers believe that injecting their own lives into the story humanises their messages.

There is another saying.  Every person has a story to tell.  Every person has a book in them.  The internet has also made it possible to write e-books which people download in a digital format.  The topics are simply endless.  So how do you stand out from the crowd?  By:

  • Being unique.  Tell your story with honesty from your perspective.
  • Being professional.  This doesn’t mean you have to have a professional writer (or ghost writer as they’re called) write the story for you.  All you have to do is ensure you observe correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.  You may want to polish your works with a professional looking cover design so your book looks and feels like it has been professionaly produced.
  • Being trustworthy.  In other words give people full information rather than trying to hide the flaws.  People like to be able to make informed decisions.
  • Being interested.  Your readers want to know you have their hopes and dreams in your heart.  They too have stories to tell.  Enable them to enrich your life by being interested in theirs.

So when you decide to tell your next story, regardless of the medium you choose, tell your story in a way that wants people to come back for more.  Whilst storytelling is an art, you can indeed learn and deliver your story as a craft.

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