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The Journey ContinuesIn many respects the journey continues in the online stratasphere.  I have learnt heaps since my last post and continually learning new strategies and updating my on older strategies that will still work in the online space.  In many respects writing each day has proven to be a tad bit challenging for me, so I will still try and keep faith and write as often as I can.

One strategy I hope to implement in the writing sphere is write a post here or write a email for my email marketing sequence whilst I am having a cuppa in the morning.  I find I write best in the morning over a cuppa as I do not become easily distracted as I tend to do during the day.

Another challenge I have is fitting my online stuff around my day job.  As I do not work set hours or set days.  Yes, I do have a day job and I intend to keep my day job.  Why?  Because until I fully crack the online traffic generation and am generating a consistent income week in and week out, month in and month out, then to me at any rate, it is silly to simply give up an income flow.  As it stands I really do like my day job and enjoy going to work.  Hence, why give up something I love doing?

So what have I learnt to date:

  • Google is now starting to punish websites that have not installed an SSL Certificate.  Hence, if you want to continue to rank in Google search engines you may want to consider purchasing an SSL Certificate for your website.  No longer is it good enough to simply use a 3rd party payment gateway like Paypal for securely processing your buyers payments, rather than install a good SSL certificate on your website.  If you check out the resources section I have included a link to an SSL website provider (yes I do provide and install SSL Certificates) that is affordable and a very quick and easy solution to ensure your website is secured.
  • Bing Ads which offers paid per click advertising can be a source of quality buyers.  I am still in the early stages of testing this site out and have a long way to go yet to ensure I feel confident on what I’m actually doing so I do not churn through hard earned $$$.  Whilst I have been a tad bit wary of paid per click advertising in the past, having burned a few dollars or two, I am willing to give this another shot however very, very judiciously.  If you are using Bing Advertising as part of your traffic generation strategies I would love to hear how you are going and what type of results you are receiving.
  • Google Shopping is all the rage at present.  And whilst I’d love to investigate this further and learn how to harness the power of Google shopping, this strategy will have a wait for a wee while.  Whilst this strategy is primarily used for physical products it can be used for digital products also.
  • Amazon has nearly arrived in Aussie land.  They now have opened a warehouse and employed some staff, however as yet to fully start promoting physical products in Aussie land.  The talk down under for months by various commentators is that Amazon is really going to be a major disrupter to local businesses from groceries to clothes to hardware products.  I am waiting to see whether Amazon will provide Aussies with the capacity to be affiliates and open affiliate Amazon stores.

In conclusion:

There is heaps more I have learnt over the past few weeks, however I will write about these another day.  Keep on keeping on.  Put the pedal to the metal and may your online endeavours receive a power and energy that you deserve.  To your continued success.

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