Website-Management-ServicesMany people and businesses make the mistake in thinking once they have had their website developed, uploaded and/or written the content for their sites, they can then sit back and relax, and the website will simply run itself and visitors will turn up by their droves and happily click the buy button.  We would like to bust this myth right now.  Think of a website like your home.  If you leave the repairs and maintenance of your home for any length of time, ultimately it will wear down due to normal wear and tear.  Another analogy is of a garden, if you’re into gardening.  Regularly maintaining your garden so that it provides you, your family and your visitors a lovely environment to sit in is simply part and parcel of estalishing a garden.  You don’t stop once you have planted the plants.  Just like your home.  Websites are real estates, except they are online rather than a physical property.  However property is what they are.


For every website developed the owner really does have to ensure it is regularly updated and maintained.  Oh shucks you might be thinking – I thought I could simply buy the domain name, buy the web hosting package, have my website developed and that was all there is to it.  Avoid stressing.  This is where (EDP) Every Day People Communications comes in.  We enjoy maintaining websites.  We specialise in WordPress websites and we enjoy maintaining our customers websites at an affordable price which frees up their time and let them get on with doing what they do best serving their customers.  Over the years we have learnt heaps on what works and what doesn’t work and we are continually learning and updating our knowledge all the time.

Every website we have supported owners by maintaining has presented us with new insights and learning opportunities.  Check out our pricing page for our website management packages.  We offer 2 packages.  These being:


  • Basic WP (WordPress) platform updates – we ensure your website/blog is running on the latest WP platform to ensure optimal performance and enhanced security.
  • WP Plugins updates – we ensure your WP plugins are maintained and up to date to ensure optimal performance and maintain the security of your website/blog.
  • Basic SEO strategies – we ensure your Website is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly for the search engines and based on our review we will provide you with a range of recommendations for implementation.  We will provide the basic SEO strategies as part of the package; and provide you with training on how you can undertake these basic SEO strategies as you continue to develop the content for your website/blog.
  • Back Up your Website files so if something happens you’re website will be up and running again in no time flat.


  • Silver package Plus:
  • Research and incorporate content on your website/blog relevant to your niche market.  Maximum 4 posts per week.  (If you require more we’re more than happy to negotiate this with you.)
  • Push Notifications to your Customers / Readers – maximum 2 per month.
  • Develop a whiteboard animation video based on your keywords and website on a monthly basis.