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What are some great examples of online B2C companies who succeeded by building a strong brand is a fabulous question.  I can think of a couple of online companies that have successfully achieved this.  The first that springs to mind is Amazon.  If you haven’t heard of Amazon then potentially you have been living under a rock.  The Amazon brand is extremely strong and basically their whole business model is to provide products to their customers from across the globe.  They have a strong affiliate network to increase their brand and sell more products.  To keep up with the digital download era Amazon then included Kindle.

The other very strong B2C online business that also comes to mind is MOBE.  This is a multi million dollar business with members (consultants) again from across the globe.  Their products on the back end is what makes this business incredibly profitable and very strong.  Memberships start for as little as $49 and can include a monthly membership.  This business primarily sells business education to its customers in order to train and support individuals, home business entreprenuers and businesses to increse their presence online and create more sales.

If you think MOBE is a B2B business, think again.  Primarily MOBE is a B2C business which supports and assists individuals to create an online business.  You can create an online business in any niche you care to.  You can start with the basic package, get a few sales under your belt and build up your MOBE Consultant business as you earn additional income.  MOBE provides individual coaching through their whole 21 steps process.

In fact you are not required to create any other business if you so choose.  You can simply be a MOBE consultant and leverage off their incredible systems and promote MOBE to your hearts content.

If you want to know more about this incredible business then click the link, register to attend the FREE Webinar, grab a coffee, notepad and pen and listen to the webinar.

Any B2C online business takes time to build, I will not lie to you.  You have to invest the time and energy into building your online business presence, build your brand.  However, the long term results speaks for themselves.  You will have a business you will be proud of, which meets the needs of your customers.  You can indeed cut the learning curve in half and have a sustainable B2C online business far more quickly if you leverage off proven systems and a business that already has an incredible brand reputation in place.

To Your Continued Success.

PS:  Why not check out the free webinar so you can make a more informed decision whether MOBE is right for you.

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