What are some viable small/at home bussiness to start on your own?

What a great question. My response comes with 2 entirely different opportunities. And, yes, both are paid however will not break your bank so to speak.

Learn how to Create a Digital Product to sell in the Market Place:

Nothing beats educations - except making money of course from what you have learnt! You can learn from a very down to earth and highly supportive online business entrepreneur who is a multi millionaire. Yes, you heard right - John will teach you in weekly steps over 52 weeks how to create your very own digital product to bring to the market place and will even assist you to promote your product.

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Like many before you, you can indeed become a highly successful online business entrepreneur, work from home and generate a sustainable business income. However, you do have to put in the effort to not only learn the skills but implement them. And, this is where you come in.

Own Your Very Own Online TV Channel:

Wait, before you say it - that’s way out of my price league, please hear me out. You can have your very own online TV Channel on 3 of the most reputable online TV platforms for a DIY price of just under $500.

In fact you could combine your onine digital product skills with owning your own online TV Channel and reach a global audience. We can show you how.

And, you can sell advertising space on your channel programmes to cover the ongoing monthly cost as well as provide you with additional income.

Yes, never before has owning your own online TV channel been so affordable and doable. People are cutting their cable TV in droves. You have the opportunity to have your channel on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV with Chromecast on the way.

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In Conclusion:

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has opened up all sorts of opportunities to create a sustainable business and work from home.

Whatever you do:

  • Undertake your due diligence first and foremost.
  • Decide what niche (sector) you would like to create your business in.
  • Check out all the relevant information, including potential competitors.
  • And, most of all have fun!

To Your Continued Success.