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This is a great question and it’s fabulous that you have $18K capital to start a business. This does indeed give you options. Let’s chat about some of them:

  • If you are wanting an offline business then sadly $18K will not go very far. However in saying this, do your research and you may gain entry into an offline business for around $7 - $10K. Ensure you do your full due diligence prior to parting with your hard earned dollars.
  • In fact, regardless of whether you want to start and offline or online business ensure you undertake your full due diligence prior to parting with any $$$.

With the above proviso I am going to chat about 2 totally different online businesses - that you can undertake for any niche (sector) that takes your fancy.

Own Your Very Own Online TV Channel:

Before you say this will cost heaps. Let me tell you it is absolutely doable and depending on the package you select, will cost you $1K or LESS and then a monthly fee! So you could put your remaining dollars to good use.

Online TV is an emerging market and the space is rapidly changing. At present you can still get in at the ground floor. Where you will make your $$$ is via encouraging advertisers to advertise on your channel and specific programmes. I advert per month on one programme will effectively fund your monthly subscription fee.

You have the opportunity to have your channel on 3 of the most reputable online TV platforms currently available with a 4th on the way. These being:

  • Roku - considered the market leader and longest service online TV platform with over 24+ million active user accounts in the USA. A total of 8 billion hours was streamed by viewers in 2018.
  • Amazon Fire - wanting to take over the leadership mantle and also has a worldwide presence.
  • Apple TV - a specialty online TV platform, however, not to be sneezed at. In the first quarter of 2019 Apple TV increased their active user accounts by over 700%
  • Chromecast is coming. Over 56 million people worldwide have purchased a Google Chromecast device since its inception in 2013/14. Not bad hey!

You can watch this free webinar at FREE Webinar Registration - Television

Now what if I tell you, that you can combine your TV Channel with the second strategy and still have plenty of change left over from your $18K - would you be interested?

Learn How To and Actually Do this: Develop an Online Digital Product to bring to the online marketplace.

Wait you say - I have absolutely no idea how to do this or what’s involved. Stick with me, I have you covered.

You can learn from a highly successful multi millionaire who went from working in a factory to creating his online business empire. Not only is he successful he has supported and assisted many others to become successful as well.

John will teach you over 52 weeks,:

  • how to set up your website,
  • how to develop your product
  • how to bring your product to the marketplace
  • how to attract online affiliate marketers to promote your product for a commission payment on sales made.
  • how to network with others
  • and, so much more.

Again your online digital product can be in any niche (sector) of your choosing. John will even assist you to promote your product to his extensive email list and affiliate marketers database.

First you can watch a free webinar to check him out and what he is offereing; and if you’re happy you can sign up. And, again it will not cost you $18K to do so.

Check out his free webinar at: Webinar With John

In Conclusion:

So there you have it. 2 very different online businesses which can be utilised together for your very successful online business.

And the fabulous thing is neither or both combine will cost you anywhere near $18K so you can put the remainder of your hard earned money towards great uses.

That is the wonderful thing about online businesses. Whilst it does take some money to get you started, the cost entry point is lower and you can indeed have a successful online business which is sustainable for the long term.

To Your Continued Success.

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