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Learning Online MarketingWhere can I learn online marketing is a very good question.  There are free ways to learn and then there are paid ways.  However, regardless of whether you choose the free or paid way, you will need to be prepared to spend the time implementing the strategies that you are learning.  If you are not prepared to spend the time, then learning online marketing is like anything else we learn in life.  Doing cements the learning.  Inactivity means it’s restored in your sub conscious however requires a bit of effort to bring back to the fore.

Think about how you learnt to use a computer.  Did you simply read a whole heap of books and simply let the computer sit there and did nothing?  Of course not, slowly and gradually you started to do stuff, check out what you were learning and applying this to what your needs were in using a computer.

In many respects learning online marketing is about getting on the bike, falling flat on your backside a few times before you really start to ride the bike successfully.  In many respects there are so many products and resources available to put on the training wheels in order to ride the online marketing bike and take away some of the bumps, falls and pain.  However, this is the key.  Finding the right product or resource to learn online marketing and make a successful living from your efforts is another matter entirely.

You can go the free route and:

  • Watch plenty of YouTube videos which many online marketers develop to provide free content.
  • Read as many blog posts on the subject as possbile which again many marketers provide a broad range of content for free.
  • Become a member of Warrior Forum and read all the different forum posts that are available to members.
  • Good ole trial and error.  Simply have a go, learn from what works and what doesn’t work and then rinse and repeat.

Alternatively you can:

  • Purchase a product for a specific area of online marketing that you’re interested in learning.
  • Get on the email marketing list of a well known and highly successful online marketer and when ready purchase a product or two from this online marketer you consider will deliver the real goods and support you to become a successful online marketer and business entrepreneur.

There are so many options that you may find yourself overwhelmed by choice.  Simply select one free strategy and one paid strategy and then go for it.  Bring it down and focus on the learning and simply implement the training to the best of your ability.

Two of the best online marketers who provide free content (as well as paid products) are:

Two of the best online marketers who provide high quality paid content are:

Hence go for whatever rocks your boat.


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