global jig saw(EDP) Every Day People Communications is not confined to any one location.  Thanks to the internet which literally has allowed us to effectively cross country borders, we are very privileged to be able to offer our services to any business in any English speaking country – globally.  In many respects (EDP) Every Day People Communications has the philosophy:

“Think Globally – Act Locally”

The size of the business, whether an online business or an offline business really doesn’t matter to us.  Businesses can be sole operators or employ a number of staff.  However, we do specialise in providing services to small (including sole operators) and medium businesses – because this is not only where our hearts lie, but also because it is these businesses who struggle the most to create and maintain an effective online presence which promotes  their high quality services and products either to their local communities or to the global community. We too were once a sole operator business, hence we do understand the challenges facing sole operators in creating and maintaining a strong and ethical online presence whilst trying to deliver high quality products and services to their customers.  We also understand that businesses simply don’t have an endless money pit in which to pay for the latest whiz bang marketing theory or employ staff to implement the strategies they know will support and assist their businesses to succeed and be taken to the next level.

Our core philosophy is “Connecting People Together”.  We’re very proud of our achievements to date to connect people and businesses with each other via online strategies.  We care about our customers. If we cannot provide the service our customers consider they need as part of their online endeavours, we will research potential businesses for them and provide them with a recommendation on who we consider may best be able to fulfill their needs.  Please Note: whilst we may make recommendations, we will be in no way held legally liable for the outcome if our customers choose to implement our recommendations.  We make these recommendations in good faith.  Due to there being so many variables we simply cannot predict any one outcome because when it all boils down, businesses are run by people.  People are human and being human means making mistakes and learning from them.