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This is a great question and I’m thrilled you have saved $5K to start your online business. However your question raises many other questions in my mind because your question is a global question. Kind of like casting the net and seeing what type of fish you will catch. You may catch fish then again you may catch a shark!

So I’m going to give you 2 very different business ideas for you to consider. Both ideas can be applied to any niche (sector) you may be interested in.

Online TV Channel:

What you say? Surely owning your own online TV Channel is way over the $5K I have diligently saved? My response: absolutely not. Please hear me out.

  • Online TV is at the cutting edge and the sector is moving very fast indeed, however you can get in at the ground floor.
  • You can create a channel in so many different niches that it’s incredible.
  • You can have your online TV channel on 3 different platforms: Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV - with Chromecast on the way.
  • Viewers watched over 8 billion hours of TV on the Roku platform alone in 2018.
  • Roku has over 28 million active user accounts and if you double that this will give you potentially over 50 million active viewers for your channel.
  • Amazon Fire is fast catching up to Roku and wants to be the market leader however does have a wee way to go.
  • Apple TV is more a specialty TV platform at this stage however in the first quarter of 2019 saw and increase of user accounts of over 700%.
  • People are cutting cable and normal free to air TV at a rate of knots and turning to online TV even faster.
  • You can live stream your content to your hearts content.
  • And, we take the steep learning curve and put it into simple actionable steps for you to easily manage your channel if you wish to do so.

What if I could I could show you a way to have your channel up and running within 2–4 weeks (Apple TV may take a wee bit longer) - would you be interested?

By the way what if I informed you that you will not have to use all of your $5k to develop your channel - would you be interested?

Then if so, please check out this free webinar at https: FREE Webinar Registration - Television

Now for the second online business idea:

Develop your own Digital Product and Sell to the Market Place:

  • Again you will not be required to fully utilise your hard earned $5K to undertake this.
  • You can develop a digital product in any niche.
  • You can receive training which is delivered weekly over the space of a year so you know you can do it right and is very easily digestible.
  • You can learn from a guy who is a multi millionaire and developed the training to show you how and has many, many success stories.
  • You can start with one product and then scale your business over time to include other products.
  • You can potentially receive an ongoing income for life as well as learnt invaluable skills to assist you in other areas of your life.
  • People digest digital products at a fast rate of knots and you can even promote and sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing) as an aside and generate an additional income stream.

And the price will not be $5K. So you have $$$ to put towards promoting your business.

If you are interested in knowing more check out this free webinar: Webinar With John

In Conclusion:

What I encourage you to do is undertake your own due diligence prior to parting with even 1 cent of your hard earned $5K.

Ask yourself:

  • What are you interested in?
  • What really rocks your boat?
  • How much time you have to commit to your own online business?
  • How do the financials for any business idea/concept stack up - and ensure you are realistic in this assessment.

Then at all costs avoid the shiny object syndrome as you will be parted from your $5K quicker than you can say Jack Flash.

Join an online community where you can connect with others and learn from them. Both concepts I have spoken about have an online community with like minded individuals who support each other.

To Your Continued Success.

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