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Who Can Help Me Run My Business?  Wow, what an interesting question to be asked.  My first response is: ME, ME, ME!!!!  Then I remembered a saying by a well known marketer:  “Be the General of Your Business Rather than the Foot Soldier”.  This is a very apt saying for all online business entrepreneurs.  Sometimes, I want to do everything myself, then get overwhelmed, throw my hands up in horror and then naturally do nothing!

If you are at the stage that you require help to run your online business, this is a fabulous place to be in and have arrived at.  This means you have put in the hard yards, are achieving some success and ready to take your business to the next level.  Now here is the stuff that people avoid telling you.  You will indeed experience growing pains as you take your business to the next level.  You can indeed become a victim of your own success.  And yes, you can take your business to the next level if you want to.

In the online stratasphere, the goal posts can almost shift daily.  However, in saying this, if you are consistent with whatever strategies and you are receiving consistent success, then it is indeed time to make a decision whether to continue cruising or to take your business up a notch or two.

Here are some ideas on how you can obtain support to take your business up to the next level:

  • Outsource the tasks that indeed do not make you money.  By this I mean, if you are spending time inputting data or whatever into your financial accounting software, this task can indeed be outsourced to an independent consultant.  In saying this ensure you maintain an eagle eye on your overall financial situation, the stats, and know at a glance what strategies are bringing in the money, what strategies may require some tweaking and what strategies you may have to ditch.
  • Check out relevant independent freelancers via a couple of different well known websites, i.e. Freelancer.com ODesk.com and Fiverr.com  Ensure you do your homework first.  Check their ratings, communicate with them either via Skype or the contact me on the relevant platform.  Check out their ratings.  You want to see the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  If a freelancer has nothing but glowing reports and no downside, tread with caution.  Maybe they might be the superstars their ratings show.  Or maybe, they’ve ensured any negative comments are deleted in order to continue to receive work.  Only you can decide.
  • Another saying that many millionaires have as part of their mindset is:  Be slow to hire and quick to fire!  In other words, you want to take your time and do your research before hiring anyone even if it is only a one off $5 contract.  However, if the person you have hired to do xw or z and simply gives excuses after excuses, cut them loose.  Better to have learnt the lesson than continue to go with someone who is simply not going to produce the goods.  After all, you have a business to run.
  • Every business includes KPIs (key performance indicators) for their employees.  Now whilst the freelancer is not your employee you do need to implement the same concept.  If they are not performing then ask why.  If you like their answer, then give another go.  If they require further training in the task you have given them from your perspective, communicate with them and provide as much information as possible.  If they continually under perform then cut them loose.  In the employment world it is 3 strikes and you’re out.  Now depending on the potential damage they can be done to your business or your online reputation, you may want to provide 2 strikes and then you’re out.
  • Regards of what tasks you outsource in your business, communication is the key.  For example: whilst my accountant does my tax every year, we communicate at different times throughout the year as we have over the years developed a solid relationship.  I don’t simply communicate with my accountant at tax time.  Sometimes we simply have a catch up chat on what each other is doing.  Other times I might ring and chat to her about what I’m doing and ask relevant questions on what I need to ensure I do to meet my tax obligations and/or what processes I need to have in place so she can effectively do my tax return.

Hence, in answer to your question:  Who Can Help Me to Run my Business?  There is a big wide world out there in internet land.  Be savvy.  Be informed.  Remember cheap is not always best.  Be prepared to communicate.  Be prepared to train the freelancer if this is required.  And most of all, Be the General in your Business rather than the Foot Soldier.

To Your Continued Success.

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